Last weekend my grandchildren and their parents made the long journey through Melbourne then Geelong down here to visit us and enjoy our local area. My daughter on the other side of Melbourne drove down to join them and they all stayed in a pleasant house up the road from Tower Hill Lake looking over the sea.IMGP0030

IMGP0029On Friday morning they drove into Warrnambool to meet up with Vanessa’s sister, Jess and her family and to enjoy the wonderful playgrounds at Lake Pertobe in the sunshine.Lake PertobeWe joined them all back at the house for lunch. Baby Amos welcomed us happily while the other children enjoyed a picnic on the lounge room floor. IMGP0033IMGP0038The weather remained fine for a drive over to Tower Hill where some koalas showed themselves for the many visitors.IMGP0047 The board walk was chosen for a walk. Django hurried to the information board Tower Hill 005 Tower Hill 012where he remembered the picture of a copperhead snake even though it is more than two years since his last visit here. I explained there is nothing to be afraid of. It is good to be cautious but not for scary images to dominate.

Saturday was a wet day so it was good for Ginger and Django to visit to Fun4Kids in the huge tent city that had been created. The children had a great time and returned home with good quality items they had made and a science experiment to share.IMGP0043 Copy of IMGP0037 Copy of IMGP0042 Django had written down his dream for the future and Ginger wrote a story about her day to take to school,IMGP0044Next morning they visited our house and we shared lots of laughs. The children don’t visit often but when they do they really seem to enjoy our place.IMGP0048 IMGP0046 All too soon it was time for family to set off on the long journey home. It was hard not to feel a little lonely.


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