Journey into a Volcano-Tower Hill (adapted for children)

Tower Hill is an extinct volcano. It last erupted about 20,000 years ago. From then until white people came to this country aboriginal people of the Peek Warrong tribe lived here peacefully. They called the place Tarerer. When we visit there we drive through the gateway down the hill. ImageAt the bottom of the hill is a beautiful lake in the crater of the volcano. There are swans on the lake and sometimes great egrets and herons.  Image In the wetlands near the lake are many kangaroos, black wallabies and emus.  And sometimes you might see an echidna or an echidna baby called a puggle in the grass.   Tower Hill 004IMGP0059Image

Tower Hill 1 004

The road wanders through the bush with the steep hill on one side. A track with steps goes up the hill if you feel fit enough to climb to the top. IMGP0015 The speed limit on the one way road is 30ks an hour. Soon we reach the car park with grass all around. There is an interesting round building with information boards inside and aboriginal art and craft for sale. IMGP0009 IMGP0010IMGP0011 Outside are barbeques where emus keep an eye on food they would like to share. Here an emu races Frank to the barbeque.IMGP0022 Koalas sit sleepily in the trees. IMGP0020 It is not always easy to spot them IMGP0047when they are up high in a tree. IMGP0045

At night they might be seen scampering around.

In summer the bush looks rather dry, some of the lake dries out so there are more wetlands for the emus and kangaroos.Tower Hill 005In the other seasons the lakes are full for the water birds to enjoy.New born 010 In winter and spring the bush is very green and golden wattles are a cheerful sight.Tower Hill 1 003 In spring and summer the kangaroo apple trees have pretty purple flowers and then yellow berries that turn bright orange when the emus eat them and sometimes people too.kangaroo apple There are also bush tomatoes growing at Tower Hill.Bush tomato Sometimes an aborigine will take people on a tour to show them bush tucker and explain how it is used.

Tower Hill 012On the way out of Tower Hill there is a long board walk through the wetlands Tower Hill 005where tiny skinks skink 2dart in the sunlight and very occasionally a copperhead snake might be seen copperhead snakewhen we must stand quite still until it slithers back into the wetlands. At the end of the boardwalk is a track through Fairy Island that winds back to where we started passing a bird hide where birds can be watched without disturbing them. IMGP0052 IMGP0051

Back on the road we drive uphill to the exit.IMGP0027

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  1. danceon2012 says:

    Excellent work mum and I always enjoy your blogs…….so much so I might do the same……

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