Port Fairy Folk Festival 2014

I have to say this is the second time I produced this blog post. The Folk Festival took place three months ago in the very warm beginning of a warm autumn. And a few days ago in the beginning of winter I accidentally deleted that post while tidying my blog I did such a thorough job I even emptied the Trash bin!

Nice to remember those very warm days in the beginning of March when we chilled out at the FriNge of the Port Fairy Folk Festival. Several of our friends had expensive tickets for the main festival and I imagine this was a very serious and busy time for them being with thousands of others and having many performances to choose between.    Image

Much journeying took place for performers and audience at the festival. There were several international acts such as Lisa O’Neill and Glen Hansard from Ireland and performers from all over Australia. There were local acts too including much loved local aborigine, Archie Roach, Archi Roach(photo by RRR FM) who takes us on a journey back to the time before white history.

The FriNge was a laid back experience for us with only a few hours on the Sunday when the weather was too hot for comfort and we escaped to sit in the shade by the river. After all no expensive tickets to get out money’s worth from! As the weather cooled down we went around to the Surf Club for an Irish session where I wanted to play my bodhran but it was too crowded so we returned to the Railway Stage.  There I saw my favourite act of the weekend Rapskallion with wonderful music to dance to, some intricate belly dance performance by two young women in cheeky costumes, and even birthday cake to share for the 40th birthday of one of the group. ImageImage

I loved the music of Christopher Coleman a slight young man whose songs had much depth and power —-Image

Eddy and Blues on the Boyle was a local group whose music I loved to dance to——-Image


Of course I wasn’t the only one dancing! Image


The Hog Stompin Zydegators were another local group who were great to dance to. Image

Dancing in the open is the really special feature of the FriNge. Campbell, the Swaggie loves this but this year was given a ticket to the main festival. He couldn’t resist coming over to dance in front of the Railway Stage where I was so pleased to see him.Image

As well as dancing I did a little shopping at the colourful street stalls and visited our lovely young house guests, Marnie and Dean, who were doing a roaring trade on their stall ‘Essential Nomad’.Image

A purchase I couldn’t resist was a bright and cosy poncho from Tibet to replace a favourite shawl I had lost and which is coming into its own now. Image

Early Monday afternoon the Hog Stompin Zydegators brought the festival to a rousing close. Later the streams of traffic leaving the little town had slowed to a trickle and the colourful tent city of the main festival was all but deserted.Image


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