Framlingham 150 Years

An anniversary is a journey back in time. 150 years is a long time and this links to the longer journey back to when this continent of Australia was inhabited only by its indigenous population.

Framlingham was originally a reserve for the Girai wurrung people, Gunditjmara from Warrnambool, and for reluctant Djargurd Wurrung. The Church of England first managed the settlement which was closed by a government board in 1867 in order for the people to be moved to Lake Condah. But to most of the aborigines this was or had become their country and they fought for and won the right to reestablish.  In 1971 through the selling off of the land the settlement had been reduced from 14sq km to 2.37 sq km and ownership was handed over to an aboriginal trust.

In 1987 the new Aboriginal Land Act gave 4.6sq km of the Framlingham forest to the Trust. Image

Last week on 12th April 2014 the 150 year anniversary was celebrated.  Image

People of several nationalities celebrated with the aborigines who live at Framlingham.IMGP0019

There were talks and workshops in the several marquees erected for the occasion and in the attractive Community Health Centre that graces the settlement nowadays. Copy of IMGP0035

We enjoyed a talk on Bush Tucker delivered by Brett Clarke with photos by

Kevin Sparrow.IMGP0033IMGP0032

Great music galore of course in the big marquee. IMGP0029

Archie Roach was eagerly awaited and did not disappoint.IMGP0041

Emily’s windcheater displayed a popular suggestion.IMGP0026

We enjoyed communicating with a relative of Archie.IMGP0030

An interesting day drew to a mellow close. I was only sorry we had missed out on a cultural tour via bus. Next time!IMGP0043

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3 Responses to Framlingham 150 Years

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a terrific day to participate in. I didn’t hear about it until afterwards.

  2. danceon2012 says:

    Junitta——Wonderful, many thanks Janice, sure wish I had known. I will pass this on to some folk who also know about Framlingham.

  3. danceon2012 says:

    Peta:–Janice, that is a wonderful account of the Framlingham day! It was a terrific day!

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