Yarra Bend

Ancient river rising cool and clear in the mountains Virginia's Farewell 025

reaches Melbourne sluggish and brown

as it would be even without the big city pollution.

My mother lived and played near here as a small child,

swinging over the deep waters on a rope although she never learned to swim.

I too played near the river as a child; although I could swim in the sea it was forbidden in the river.

My uncle tended the Yarra Bend golf course so lots of family visits there.

And all the while the river flowed over its bed of clay between its muddy banks,

polluted water from drains would have oozed into the once pure depths.

Rubbish was thrown into the river, sank to the bottom.

Secrets, secrets!

Old trees lined the river, whispered.

Today still many old trees stand sentinel purifying the air. Virginia's Farewell 029

Would it have looked so different in the early days of white settlement, or long before that?

And now in the second decade of the 21st Century family and friends are present here at a picnic to farewell the special woman, Virginia, who is going back to the tropical lifestyle she favours. My grandchildren are the children here today. Their mother and father and his sisters, and nineteen year old Savanna have not forgotten how to play like children though.

I was inspired by Django to swing on the huge branch of an old oak tree. My feet on the earth grounded me, my arms high in the branches were wings to freedom.

    Farewell  Virginia


Great food and conversation to share with family and friends Image

Playing and relaxing on the grass——ImageImage


I too played in Nature.   Image

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3 Responses to Yarra Bend

  1. danceon2012 says:

    Mardi Cuming-Davies I swam in the Yarra, under the Bourke st Bridge, and at Eltham, and at Warringal Park, in Heidelberg. And even at Fairfield. It was great. Even though the current could be strong. They were good days.

  2. danceon2012 says:

    Mardie it is good to think the water was clean enough to swim in and that you were encouraged to be fearless, or at least proved you were!

  3. danceon2012 says:

    Virginia Kruger – Janice, thank you. Lovely memories of a lovely day.
    So many blessings with my move:
    A welcoming household
    Lovely workplace and mates
    Tropical weather, including a near miss from TC Dylan
    Lots of adventures in the offing.
    Still, I’m thankful for FB for making seem that none of you are far away. xx V

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