Christmas on the Bellarine Peninsula

My daughters decided we would have a an early family Christmas celebration at St Leonards in a house they are very fond of. I worked out that we would travel on the Princes Highway but leave it before Geelong to drive down to the coast. It was good to stop at Lake Colac that we were used to seeing from the train. It’s a busy tranquil place with walkers and joggers a common sight. More unusual were these men rising and dipping in prayer. Image


Meanwhile pelicans gathered busily on the lake shore  to St Leonards to celebrate Christmas 004

The highway became a freeway before we thankfully left it. As we drove over the bridge at Barwon Heads Barwon_Heads_01I remembered many visits to the area and knew we were not too far from our destination.  At last we arrived at St Leonards in the light of the full moon. to St Leonards to celebrate Christmas 005 I remember that this time last year we were under a full moon in Kyoto!

The house on Beach Street was pleasant with sliding glass doors looking out on to native garden rather like this. So pleasant to gazeNative garden on from the bedroom next morning.

Lovely meals were shared in the pleasant lounge room. We dined outside at the local hotel, wonderful ambience with varying opinions of the meal.  to St Leonards to celebrate Christmas 016

There was a wonderful moon rise over the sea on the night of that very hot day. to St Leonards to celebrate Christmas 022  We live near beautiful beaches so it was natural to make comparisons. Down here alas there is very little shade with a view of the sea and certainly not on the beaches themselves. In St Leonards and Portarlington are many trees beside the sea and thus many shady spots in which to park the car  and gaze at the sea or even to get out to have a dip, having a cool car to return to.  st-leonards-082

I have to say I found the gritty soft sand on the beaches there st-leonards-022rather disconcerting and I prefer the fine firm sand I often walk on on our beaches down here.

Festive meals were shared and gifts were exchanged (I do hope my daughters enjoy the solar flower or butterfly that dance in the daylight powered only by the sun) even on days with no sun. I handed over the huge and torn  bag of bits and pieces for my grandchildren to be delivered after Christmas. I vow to stop collecting such bits and pieces for these children who have so much! All too soon it was time to leave for our respective homes. Still in St Leonards we drove into a farm house selling fresh veggies. We bought tomatoes, small peppers, lots of beautiful garlic to St Leonards to celebrate Christmas 001and two rabbits! And I have a contact for buying more garlic by mail when we need it.

We took in some more of the coast and the to St Leonards to celebrate Christmas 029towns along the Great Ocean Road.  Came to lovely Lorne to St Leonards to celebrate Christmas 030 and turned off to drive through the forest over to the Princes Highway.

We bought filos and coffee in Colac and drove through the botanical gardens down to the lake where we relaxed a while.

As we drove into Warrnambool it started to rain slightly, so no need to water the tomatoes on reaching home.

Today it has rained all day and the temperature is 14.2 degrees. And yes we have lit the fire! I am enjoying one of the delicious square mince pies with filo pastry that Sarah sent us home with.

Merry Christmas to all.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Merry Christmas to you too.

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