Joyful Journeying

A friend asked recently if I experienced many moments of pure joy. I thought later how unexpected glimpses of beauty lift my heart in joy. A rainbow with its element of surprise is an infrequent gift of beauty. Image

Over the last two or three months driving through the local streets  or those of the small towns nearby Imageand the city of Warrnambool has been coloured by wonderful visions of roses. So often I gasp in joy and feel sad that the roses will soon be finished. Pink is the predominant colour and the fashion in roses seems to be slender trunks bearing a neat ball or bunch of roses on top.  Roses 005

I don’t at all mind roses that grow more untidily and perhaps in colours other than soft pink.Roses 008 There will be some roses around to enjoy for a few weeks yet. The old fashioned Lorraine Lee roses outside the house next door seem to last for months.Roses ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’

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1 Response to Joyful Journeying

  1. Suzanne says:

    Lovely. that row of enormous pink rose bushes is quite something. 🙂

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