Circus Oz——adapted for children

Damian and Vanessa gave Janice a voucher for the Lighthouse Theatre for her birthday. She could not make up her mind what show to see but one day she read the circus was coming to town.

‘That is what we will go to see, “Circus Oz”.’

When Janice was a girl, and even when your parents were young, circuses were held in big striped canvas tents that appeared overnight in paddocks like big mushrooms.ImageSome of the performers were animals, lions, lion-66898_150

tigers, horses      horse-145445_150

even elephants. animals-30739_150

Circus people lived in caravans and the animals were kept in small cages. They were trained to do all sorts of tricks which would not have made them very happy. Nowadays circuses are not allowed to keep animals in this way so it is young people who are the highly trained performers.

When Janice and Frank went to the circus they went up in the lift to the back of the theatre. They were in the very back row. That was good because Janice could take photos. The theatre looked like its everyday self but a couple of funny people came along and painted the arms of the seats and people’s faces to brighten them up. red-30190_150(1)Luckily it was really water in their paint cans!

Soon the curtain went up and the stage was a crazy building site.Circus Oz 007

An aboriginal man with a costume with a tail was a clown who told us some funny stories.Circus Oz 004 Anya played the concert piano beautifully on a huge seesaw. Circus Oz

Janice felt so giddy watching the tightrope walker on a tightrope that see sawed up and down that she forgot to take a photo but she found this lovely old painting for her story instead. Forain_-_The_tightrope_walker

The juggler was not nearly as scary to watch but she juggled cones very cleverly. The photo is clever too because it shows the air moving that they couldn’t really see.Circus Oz 006 The big trombone in the corner is not just a prop. It was played beautifully.

Drums were played loudly too in a big basket under dim lights. Circus Oz 008

Then the lights came back on full and the basket turned into a huge swing. Cicus Oz

There were lots more exciting acts but after two hours the circus performance finished. With all the excitement this seemed  long enough  for the many children in the audience and for grown ups like Janice and Frank too.  ‘

Goodbye’ said the performers and the audience clapped and clapped and clapped. ‘Goodbye.’ Circus Oz 012

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  1. Danyse says:

    Thanks heaps Janice, great reading.

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