Penshurst in spring

The water garden is as fresh as can be in spring, trees green and water covered with a blanket of green looking solid enough to walk on. No wonder there is aPenshurst in spring 001notice that indicates there is deep water.

Penshurst in spring 004

Looking down on surrounding

Penshurst from Mt Rouse is always fascinating.Penshurst in spring 008

I reflect on the artist Napier Waller, whose name nearby Mt Napier bears, whom my research suggests is Australia’s first print maker. I am looking towards his birthplace here.Penshurst in spring 007

by Napier Waller‘Bantams’ by Napier Waller, relief linocut print- c 1932

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1 Response to Penshurst in spring

  1. Suzanne says:

    Interesting post Janice. How strange that the Penhurst wetlands look like green grass. Thanks for showing us the work of Napier Waller – an artist I hadn’t come across before. I think perhaps he is one of Australia’s early print makers. He must have been a contemporary of Margaret Preston.

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