New born

We enjoy seeing the native animals at Tower Hill and other places and watching the sea birds along the coast. But it is also interesting to see the sheep, cows and horses in paddocks along the roads although worrying to see the lack of shelter or shade in weather extremes.

To witness the birth of a tiny calf is very special

The mother to be was on the ground straining and pushing when we spotted her and may have been in labour for hours already. Image Next thing she was on her feet and the calf was emerging


Mother licked the baby clean of its placental covering—Image

and there it was!Image

In a few days at the most the baby will be taken from the grieving mother so she gives her milk to us.

Let’s hope the special mother baby time, so short, seems longer to cows than it does to us.

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1 Response to New born

  1. Suzanne says:

    That photo of the cow giving birth is exceptional. What a moment to capture.

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