A Tale from Griffiths Island – adapted for children, (especially for my grandchidren)

Janice and Frank drove to Port Fairy and treated themselves to delicious ice creams fastfood-145171_150from Pocos, one strawberry and one caramel.

They then drove to Griffiths Island Griffith Islandand parked near the causeway. A little boy ran over to the car and rattled Janice’s door until she opened it. He insisted she come with him and clutched her hand, while she clutched her ice cream in the other. He lead her to the edge of the causeway and pointed down at some rocks. All Janice could see were grey rocks with patches of brown and white. Then she saw a small creature that was the same colours. ImageBut it’s——-! Janice bit her tongue.

Then the baby seal opened one eye and they could see its breathing. ‘It’s alive,’ said Janice happily.


The mother of the boy and his brother was busy talking on her mobile phone. Soon a man from the Council drove up in his council van, got out and looked down at the seal. He said he would ring the wildlife carer and soon drove away. The mother wanted to go away then but the boys wanted to stay. At last Janice promised the boys she and Frank would look after the little seal until someone else came. ‘Don’t let the crows come near,’said the older boy.

Janice got back in the car and imagined golden light coming from her hands and shining over to the poor little seal to make it comfortable.

A boy with a fishing rod came along busily and looked at the seal for a while. Then he hurried off to fish on the side of the causeway.

Three girls came along, a big girl, a small one and one in the middle, and spotted the little seal. They looked very worried, watched for some time , then went back to fetch their mother. They all came back to look some more. At last the mother took her daughters walking on the causeway. The busy little fisherman came back for another look then went back to his fishing. Other children and some grown ups stopped to look. One woman took photos.

The little fisherman came back and took his fishing rod to his car. He came over with a small bucket and splashed some water on to the little seal while his mother yelled at him to stop. But the little seal raised its head and managed to flop along for a short way.  The boy and Janice made happy sounds. The mother yelled some more and insisted her son get in the car. Isaac, that was his name, went away satisfied that he had worked magic.

The little seal struggled to lift itself and propped its head on a rock.Image

The three girls came back and watched some more. The man from the council came back and told Janice the wildlife carer would be there soon.

At last the carer  pulled up in the wildlife van. Wild life van 002She got out and went with the man to look at the seal.Baby seal 007 She made lots of phone calls to get permission to move the sick creature, and to find a vet who would look after it. She told Janice how mother seals will send a big baby to fend for itself if it has a new baby to feed. If there are not enough fish for the bigger baby it will soon get hungry and weak. The carer and the man put a pink blanket 4019662-background-of-a-pink-blanketover the little seal and carried it to the van.Wild life van 003 She drove away and Janice and Frank did too, satisfied that the little creature was being cared for as well as possible.

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