Blogging (and Facebook)

Recently we were enjoying a few days away in lovely Apollo Bay. I was snapping away, as usual, with my trusty digital camera., and couldn’t help composing in my head a sentence or two to describe each photo. I wondered, as I often do, if, instead of living in the Now, I was spoiling the spontaneity of the experiences I was having.

Perhaps there was an element of this I decided, but on the whole I was grounding the experience with my photos, forcing myself to pay attention. Above all I was creating mementos of fleeting experiences so I could relive them at will..

Facebook is good for almost on the spot reporting, and for creating an outline of a story. It is good for reaching several people as I have a couple of hundred FB friends and there is a core of those who receive my posts. Alas hardly any family members can be communicated with this way.

In Apollo Bay  I rediscovered I couldn’t download my photos using mobile broadband. so I had to save them until we reached home. By then I had a blog post still in my head but almost ready to go. But I put the photos and story of our holiday on Facebook knowing it was not practical to write lots of detail. FB does publish this but only a few lines show and the reader has to click on ‘see more——-‘ to read the whole entry. I suspect many Facebookers do not bother to do this. Also if more than three or four photos are entered only three or four show on the page and one needs to click to see more. It is affirming to receive Likes on FB and comments too. Sometimes I give a link to my blog so keen readers can find more.

All told a blog is a better forum for a fully fledged story. My blog so far has few readers. I am bashful promoting it. The friend who helped me set it up is of course a Follower. I have casually dropped the hint to different family members but only one son has accepted my more formal invitation and his enthusiasm for the stories he has read is touching. We are isolated by distance from family, and I guess by the generation gap. I never feel I have much to say in infrequent phone calls, feeling that our lives probably seem boring. But they are far from that, creating my blog convinces me of that fact, and it would convince others too if they could be bothered to take time out from their frantic lives to read it.

The very flexible theme of my blog is ‘journeys near and far’. This of course covers actual journeys whether local or long distance. Short local journeys are to places that tourists love so full of interest. We make regular journeys to Castlemaine and the Dandenong Ranges and less frequently interstate to Adelaide or the Gold Coast. I am still processing the amazing journey to Japan and look forward to telling that in my blog. Journeying back into the past qualifies as blog material. The blog is a good place too to publish poems and stories written some time ago.

Creating blog posts is a learning experience of yet more computer technology and I love to learn. The blog layout is attractive and lead my son to comment on the artistic merit of my posts. It is satisfying to look back over posts and see what I have created, especially if no further editing is needed!

I guess it is important to get readers. As mentioned it seems most important to enhance family communication but it might be good to gather other readers too. This requires particular strategies I must try to master. I guess I should become a better reader of others’ blogs too. I haven’t excelled in this up to now.

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