Apollo Bay, where forest meets sea——


The journey to Apollo Bay revealed many treasures along the way. Wonderful cliff formations create gorges and grottoes along the great Ocean Road.Image


We decided to give the twelve Apostles our full attention on the way home as time was passing.

Despite this, on reaching Lavers Hill we took the wrong road that curved high into the deeply forested hills with magnificent tree ferns Imageand giant myrtle beeches, Imageand necessitating a steep descent to Apollo Bay through the misty twilight.

ImageThe house we stayed in with Genevieve and the dogs was pleasant and comfortable Imageso it didn’t matter that rain set in for the afternoon of our first full day there. At least  the dogs got their walk on the beach in the morning. Here they are ready to go!ImageImage

A few kilometres out of the town forest lines the road. One can walk through beautiful bush and soon be greeted with a sparkling vista of sea.Apollo Bay 013

It was wonderful to see the full; moon rising over the roofs Imagethen reflecting on the sea.Image

There are several interesting modern  houses in Apollo Bay using concrete, and timber that looks recycled, in a fascinating mannerImage I will remember them with fondness as modern houses in this local area do not appeal to me at all.Image

There is a pleasant gravel path to walk on by the sea and wide sands that are hard to resist. There are opportunities for beach combing that are hard to find nowadays.ImageImage

We bought delicious ice creams in milo and apricot flavours before setting off, a little sadly for home. This time we took the low road but there was still forests lining the road for some of the journey. We stopped at Maits Rest and mmarvelled at giant mountain ash Apollo Bay 059 and a slender myrtle beech tree, perhaps generated in fire, that would one day grow into a giant.Apollo Bay 061

Further along we stopped at the Twelve Apostles as planned, parking across the road in big bus and car park, next to helicopter pad, walked  through the visitors’ centre down the path to the underpass, then across to the viewing platforms. We did not go down the steps to the beach as many did.

The Apostles are a magnificent sight. Apollo Bay 064          Apollo Bay 066

When we last saw them there was no infrastructure. We must have parked near the cliffs, and there were still twelve Apostles!

We reached Warrnambool just on sunset Apollo Bay 069

Back home in Koroit I was happy to see the moon through the bedroom window.

Apollo Bay 002

A worrying finish to the day came with the news that Genevieve had not fared so well on her journey home. She was involved in an accident that wrote off her car! Thank God she was not hurt nor were the dogs; and fortunately she is insured so was able to pick up a rental car in Ballarat, to be swapped next day for a longer term rental in Bendigo. The fact she was all right is the positive thought I finish this story on. And I am grateful for another safe journey not far from home, but  nonetheless fascinating.

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2 Responses to Apollo Bay, where forest meets sea——

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a lovely holiday you had. The forest photos are terrific. I must get over that way one day and see it for myself, 🙂 It looks wonderful.

  2. danceon2012 says:

    That is awesome mum I love your work and it is very creative. A great balance between the pics and prose making a great story. Paul

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