Refugee Journeys

When i am feeling fragile even a train journey challenges me. Yet refugees feel   compelled to make the most horrific journeys imaginable by boat to remove themselves and their families from life threatening situations, Do we, a nation of boat people, welcome these people with open arms? Alas no, our governments lock them in detention and recently even detention in this land is denied them and they are shipped off to small third world countries to be locked away.

A few years ago when I lived in Wonthaggi I spent a voluntary weekend in detention in Melbourne with many others to draw attention to the plight of refugees. I was interviewed by the local paper and photographed holding a photo of the then Prime Minister. Image

There have been many protests since but the situation for refugees gets worse and rival political parties vie with each other as to who will be the toughest on refugees.

It was good to picnic in the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens on the sunny first day of spring and show our dislike of the treatment of these poor anonymous people just trying to create better lives for themselves and families. Inspiring speeches were made and moving songs were sung by locals

Image  Image Image

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2 Responses to Refugee Journeys

  1. Margaret Pearce says:

    If only Australia was a more fertile country? Then I suppose only the greedy would b encouraged to enter. There are already 50,000 refugees in Australia being supported by taxpayers. Our unemployment problem is bad enough already. They need money to buy land to farm, grow cattle (or how do they survive in a technological digitally run world) or if they could survive on the land without any taxpayers’ support would they be more welcome? Except everyone believes that they would bring their problems with them and create an underbelly of more poverty and crime. Also we don’t really have religious tolerance for islamics, especially after the religion grown fanatics setting such a dreadful example in Afghanistan. We have the Mafia, and odd Chinese gangsters, all with enough money to flee the country after they have murdered someone.
    Just back from Darwin where there is much resentment at the hospital being too overcrowded healing refugees to find room for the taxpayers who built the hospital.
    It is obscene that the politicians only think of them as political levers. If I was Mrs. Be-Done-By-As-You-Did (Instead of Do-As-You-Would-Be-Done-By) I would like to see the politicians in their shoes.
    The primary sources of Australian history and family history reveal the dreadful conditions the original colonists had to exist in and occasionally survive to try to make this country more livable for their descendants. Just opening our doors wide for migrants unable to survive without government assistance isn’t constructive. Of course we need migrants, healthy hardworking lawabiding people who can find ways to help make Australia more productive, rather than having our assets sold overseas to bring a spurious prosperity. And if they were these sorts of people they would be able to come in legally. It is such a dreadful mess. Why would the refugees have the idea that Australia is a soft touch and a refuge unless someone willing to make a profit from their misery is telling them so?.

  2. ——–and why would refugees want to come to this unwelcoming country unless they were absolutely desperate which of course they are! So few of the world’s refugees end up here, a tiny percentage. They do not need to be a problem. It is our governments, encouraged by short sighted selfish voters who create the problem and shame those who want to act with integrity and compassion.

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