Our Neighbourhood

The centre of my meandering journeys is of course the nice old house we live in in the peaceful little village of Koroit————–

Russell moved into next door a while after Cherie rented the back of Peta’s place. She had quickly made the attractive dwelling in a huge garden comfortable and Imagewelcoming and was happy to take over the care of her friend’s cat that had come all the way from Israel. Russ

That was all as it should be thought Russell, a comfortable settled place ready for him to move into! Cherie had some ideas about a routine for Russell and even what foods he should eat. She would need a little training. The shortening of the aristocratic cat’s name to Russ took a little getting used to but the calling of his name was still two syllables so that was acceptable. Food was plentiful and regular.

It was a little out of order for Cherie to go away for a few days thought Russ but Janice and Frank next door were enlisted as feeders so all was well. Frank was soon trained to come at Russ’s bidding or to come back later if the busy cat weren’t there to be fed at the appointed time. Janice was rather elusive at feeding times and Russ couldn’t help noticing it was she who received the massage that was payment for his feeding, not that anyone would expect payment for such a pleasure.

It was time for Russ to check out his new friends’ place next door with its wonderfully big yard. Janice and Frank were also renters so here was another dwelling awaiting its rightful owner. Russ stalked through the comfortable slightly untidy house approvingly, Russ 005kindly leaving a slight scent that would keep mice away even in his absence. Janice was a little aloof but she meant well and he tolerated her, except for those few weeks when she wore that great heavy boot for some reason named a moon boot, and which really startled him. And Frank with his musical accent was always effusive in his appreciation of Russ. And he was always to be counted on for a late feed when he put out bread and apples supposedly for the possums, though Russ knew it was really for his benefit. Russ would often look after the house that was really his when Frank and Janice were out sitting on a chair with cushion on the front veranda where he could watch the passers by.Russ 002

One day Russ was horrified to find a large tabby cat in the next door back yard. Didn’t this creature know that Russ had taken over ownership? Well he had to given a lesson, a noisy screaming one as it turned out. Russ’s confidence was so boosted by this that he decided to follow the tabby to the next house along and to protest loudly at the definite. lack of welcome. There was another equally unfriendly black cat there. Russ discovered the two cats were undisputed owners of the large cream brick house Russ 004and its large back garden and comfortable garage Russ 007where the cats lived. Their owner had died quite some time ago and nobody had come to claim ownership of the house, although the daughter of the old owner came to feed the hungry cats and to put out the bin with the empty cans. Russ knew the ownership of that place couldn’t be disputed but that didn’t stop him from sometimes jumping the fence for a territorial fight.

Thus Russ was happy in the two places he could call his own and would wander further afield if he wanted to check out other opportunities, after all he was a traveller from abroad! One story best untold was his visit to the big shop and house on the other side of his place. He felt it was polite to pay his respects to the two men who live there and to check out their place in his usual discreet manner but would you believe he found himself shut in a small room he was exploring until Cherie obeyed the mens’ rude order to collect him and to keep him away.

Oh well two properties are enough to keep him busy. In a week or so he will be solely responsible for the place next door although he will allow Cherie to collect the mail. Janice and Frank will be in Castlemaine housekeeping for two so called Burmese cats, Australian born Bonnie and her daughter Olive Castlemaine 017and two dogs not worth mentioning. Then he will sit on his chair on the verandah with a serious purpose of keeping all intruders away. Aren’t Janice and Frank lucky to have him?

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1 Response to Our Neighbourhood

  1. danceon2012 says:

    Kate Morris LOL. That’s brilliant. Seems moving in with you permanently was all a part of his plan. He was just waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

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