Sailing Boats


——–and now back to the seaside where most of my every day meanderings take place——-


Mostly a car is a car, a bus is a bus but a sailing boat can have many names, yacht,sloop, cutter, catboat, ketch, schooner,yawl,dhoni dinghy.

Red Sails in the Sunset’ lovely tune, lovely image. I see a sailing boat with sails rosy in the sunset. The concept of floating on water is a pleasant one. Add sails and you have the idea of flying on water.

The man who spent much money and several years creating the replica of a caravel or sailing vessel of the fifteenth century must have been truly smitten with the romance of sailing ships. And we have been lucky to see his glossy black creation, ‘Notorious’ in Port Fairy waters for many months. Many have gone aboard, others have admired from the river bank. And many more have seen the vessel as a pirate ship in a comical short film made by local talent.

Other sailing boats bob in the waters of the Moyne from time to time providing a peaceful image that the more usual fishing boats at the breakwater cannot compete with.

You can have too much of a good thing though. I recall the image of the marina at Largs Bay, near Adelaide, crowded with yachts, some big enough to be lived on.Somehow these boats smack of money and people who have so much they don’t know what to do with it,and of the sea being polluted with human occupation as much as the land of cities is.

Just one or two sailing boats on the horizon is enough to soothe my spirit, slow my thoughts and bring peace.

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